Jazzfest Berlin 2009 opened

jazzfest-berlin2009.jpgThe Terence Blanchard quintet and the German Filmorchestra Babelberg opened the Jazzfest Berlin days on Wednesday. The musicians played a Blanchard composition called >>A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)<< (German press agency dpa)

The US trompeter follows the effects of the devastating hurrican Katrina in his composition. The final concert of the festival on Sunday November 8, 2009 provides Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu with his quartet.

This years jazzfest edition honour the legendary record label >>Blue Note<<, which was founded 70 years ago by the jewish Berlin emigrants Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff in New York. Festival artistic director Nils Landgren invited a bunch of artists, who produced together with Blue Note in the past and even today. Terence Blanchard is one of them.

German bassist and composer Eberhard Weber receive the German jazz prize (Albert-Mangelsdorff-Award) on Friday. The award endowed with 15.000 EUR will hand out every two year by the Union of German jazz musicians (UDJ)

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